3 Interesting Ways To Package Your Food Gifts

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Food is a gift that virtually no one will want to return, especially if it's homemade bakery or other treats. However, packing your food to ship it to relatives and friends that are far away can be difficult. You don't want the cookies that you spent hours decorating to turn into a pile of frosting-encrusted crumbs. Here are some supplies that you can use to make sure that your food stays safe when it's being shipped and arrives looking beautiful.

1. Use Food Grade Tissue Paper

It's possible to buy tissue paper and wrapping paper that is approved by the FDA for direct contact with food. In order for a paper to be safe to come in contact with food, it has to not bleed chemicals and dyes if it should get wet, it needs to resist being degraded by grease, and it needs to be made using a completely sanitary process.

If you go to any food packaging website, you will be able to order tissue paper that has been labeled as safe to use with food. This paper will likely come in a number of patterns and colors that will allow you to make your package look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, while still managing to protect your food items from being broken while in transit.

2. Use Gable Boxes

If you use a box that looks as though it holds food, then there's a good chance that people will be likely to treat the food carefully. Using a gable box, or a box that folds together and then slightly comes up at the top to form a handle will show couriers exactly where to carry the box, imply that there is food in the box, and provide the structural support needed to ensure that the food is not destroyed.

3. Use a Plastic Tote

They now make food transportation boxes that are specifically designed for certain foods and desserts, such as cupcakes or muffins. These transportation boxes might have special indentations to keep the food from being tipped over or otherwise harmed. They could also have special ribbons, also approved by the FDA to keep food in place. These boxes, while more expensive than a gable box, are almost certain to be able to keep your food safe. They are also usually airtight.

For more information, talk to a courier service, like A-Dash Messenger Service Ltd. They will have more packaging materials that they recommend.