How To Host A Great Family Reunion

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If this is the summer that you are responsible for hosting your family reunion, you have probably already set the dates for that event. As the time approaches, this is a good time to fine-tune your plans so that you can make it a delightful and memorable time for those who participate.

Solidify Reservations - This is one of the most critical parts of your planning, so you'll want to pay attention to details.

  • Unless you have a huge home, you probably won't be housing everybody on your list.
  • It's a great idea to send a list of hotels and other lodging of different price ranges.
  • Choosing accommodations that include breakfast will mean that you won't have to provide breakfast for your group, and it will save your guests some cash.
  • If there are handicapped people attending, make sure that their accommodations are suitable for them. 
  • For those who are traveling with a pet, be sure that the accommodations are pet friendly.

Arrange Transportation - For those who are driving into town, you obviously have no plans to make. However, for guests who are flying into town, there are several options.

  • Of course, you can pick up family members yourself. However, that might mean many trips to the airport! Often there is a shuttle going to more prominent hotels.
  • If accommodations are not on the shuttle path, suggest to your guests that they take the airport taxi.
  • The airport taxis (such as Air Cab Ltd) are reliable and very safe. In addition, the driver will surely know how to arrive at the passenger's destination, even if a GPS has to be used.
  • It's a good idea to arrange the time and date that the taxi will be needed for the return trip at the time you first meet the driver.

Create Memories - As you plan activities, consider those that will stand out in years to come.

  • Consider having a special evening where you honor the oldest members of the family. Asking them to give a brief family history will add to the enjoyment. Perhaps during this event it would be fun to have other family members recall memories from years gone by. 
  • Another fun activity is to have a talent show. Whether it's a solo on the piano, cousins beefing it up with a funny song, a craft that has been completed, or a child showing pictures that have been personally created, everybody will have the opportunity to shine.
  • Be tourists! Join the others and go to museums, theme parks, shows and other attractions that are going on during your family reunion.
  • Consider hiring the same taxi driver to take your group to see beautiful residential areas, historical sights in out of the way areas, and to tour the countryside surrounding your town. You might even be surprised that your taxi driver can give you suggestions of little known points of interest that you would have missed without him telling you about them. Again, you can feel safe and confident to be using a trusted taxi service.

Have a wonderful and memorable reunion