4 Fun Ways To Use A Party Bus For Your Children

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When most people hear the term party bus, they associate it with a way to provide transportation for adults who are out drinking. However, party bus rentals are not restricted to adults; they can also be used for kids' parties as well. Here are a few fun ways you could use a party bus to put on a great birthday party or special event for your child.

#1 Outer Space

You can put on an outer space themed party for your child using a party bus. To get the party started, you can decorate the bus with space ship cutouts, glittery stars and glowing stars. You can attach the decorations to the windows and see if you can hang a few down from the ceiling as well.

Then, you can take your child and their friends on a spaced themed adventure around your local hometown. If you have a planetarium, you could take them their for a tour. Or, you could take them outside of the city to a park or an area without a lot of light pollution for a star-viewing party.

#2 Treasure Hunt

You can rent a party bus to put on a treasure hunt for your child and their friends around your city. You can start by decorating the inside of the bus with clues and a treasure map. Then, you can have the bus drive you to each destination. You'll need to work with someone to put the clues out at each location before you get there, but this type of party could be a load of fun.

You can make the final destination where the treasure is at a fun location, like a movie theater, park, or outdoor fun center.

#3 Murder Mystery

If your child likes to play Clue, you can set up a murder mystery style party for them and their friends. To start with, you can provide everyone with clothes to dress up in before they get on the bus. Then, you can have the bus take you to various destinations around the city where your child and their friends can act out the murder mystery clues.

#4 Surprise Destination

You can also make the bus a surprise for your child and their friends. You can have them get on without any idea of where they are going. Then, you can surprise everyone with a trip to a local outdoor fun center, amusement park, sports game or another event that everyone at the party would enjoy.

If you want to put on a unique party that your child is sure to remember, consider renting a party bus from a local provider, such as Arrow Limousine & Sedan Services Ltd. You can use it for a multi-destination party such as a treasure hunt or murder mystery. Or, you can use it to take your child and their friends someone special.