Tips For Towing Safely With A Pickup Truck

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When towing for the first time, there are important safety rules to remember. This helps prevent accidents from occurring that could cause damage to you, your vehicle and camper and other motorists out on the road. Full size pickup trucks are commonly used for towing campers, trailers and motor homes. These are some tips for towing safely with your pickup truck.

Recommended Weight Limits 

While most pickup trucks do have the capability of towing, they may not all be capable of towing a large amount of weight. Before towing a large load with your truck, it is important to know what the towing weight limit of your truck is.

This information is usually available in the owner's manual that comes with your pickup truck at the time you purchase it. However, if you do not have the manual, you will need to contact the manufacturer of your truck to find out exactly how much weight it can tow safely.

Always Use Safety Chains 

Never attempt to tow a camper, trailer or motor home without making sure your load is safely attached to your pickup truck. If your truck comes equipped with a hitch ball, this will be used to connect your load to the truck.

However, it is also important to use safety chains to ensure your trailer or camper is secure and will not become detached from the truck and cause an accident.The chains should be crossed under the tongue of the trailer, camper or motor home and then attached to the truck. Be sure there is enough slack to make turns easily without allowing the chains to drag on the pavement.

Keep Your Load Balanced 

If you are pulling a trailer that is hauling cargo, it is very important that the load is balanced properly. The heaviest weight should be located at the front of the trailer that is closest to the truck. Any cargo that may slide or move during towing should be strapped or chained down inside the trailer to prevent the weight from moving around and becoming unbalanced.

Driving With A Camper Or Trailer 

When done properly driving while towing a camper or trailer can be as easy as driving with an empty pickup. However, it is important to reduce your speed so that you can stop at red lights and stop signs in a timely manner.

Turning and changing lanes will also take more time. Be sure to allow extra space when turning or changing lanes to ensure you can easily turn and fit your entire load in the lane you are moving over in to.

Also, if you are traveling several miles outside your local area, there is always a chance that you may travel over into a location that has somewhat different towing laws. Be sure to do your research before you leave so you will know if you are traveling through an area with different towing laws. For more information, talk to a professional like Full Tilt Towing & Transport Ltd Manitoba.