Three Reasons To Catch A Shuttle To The Airport

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When you're making plans to travel by air, one of the decisions you'll have to carefully consider is how you'll travel to the airport. The ideas of getting dropped off by a family member, riding public transportation or driving yourself can be appealing, but each of these strategies carries some potential problems that can get your trip started off on the wrong foot. If you've been considering the idea of booking an airport-area hotel for the night before your flight, it's tough to beat the many advantages of catching a shuttle to the airport. Here are three distinct benefits of this type of travel arrangement.

Experienced Driver

Many motorists are intimidated by the idea of driving to the airport, and with good reason. Heavy traffic and the need to constantly be reading signs can make the airport drive stressful, which is never a good way to start your trip by air. Conversely, you can breathe a major sigh of relief by riding on an airport shuttle. The experienced driver will not only know the quickest way to get to the airport, but will also skillfully navigate the airport property to arrive at your departure terminal with ease. Airport shuttle drivers understand area traffic patterns, which means the driver will always know the best route to take depending on the time of day you're travelling.

Cost Effective

Shuttle service from airport-area hotels to the airport is commonly free of charge for overnight guests. While staying at a hotel isn't free, you can easily justify this expense because it makes getting to the airport the next morning much easier than traveling from your home. Additionally, if you live a considerable distance from the airport, you'd likely be staying at a hotel anyway. Catching a shuttle from your hotel to the airport costs you only a tip for the driver, which is monumentally less than you'd pay for parking your vehicle at the airport's long-term parking structure.

Travel Comfort

Taking the bus or subway to the airport might have their advantages, but both of these methods of transportation lack comfort. It can be exceedingly inconvenient to ride a city bus or subway when you have multiple pieces of luggage with you. By contrast, airport shuttles possess a high degree of comfort. Your driver will load and unload your suitcases for you and you'll enjoy comfortable seating in a vehicle that won't be overpopulated like many buses and subways.

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