3 Necessary Steps To Follow When Hauling An Oversized Load

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Hauling any type of load on a truck and trailer requires a lot of planning and careful consideration. When you are hauling something that is larger than the average lane of a road, however, you have to put even more consideration into the process. These are three necessary steps that you must follow when hauling an oversized load, both if you want to do it safely and if you want to avoid getting fined.

1. Ensure Your Truck and Trailer Can Safely Transport Your Load

First and foremost, you must make sure that your truck and trailer can safely transport your load. Along with making sure that the truck and trailer are both in good condition, you should also check the weight and size limits for both. Just because something will technically fit on a trailer does not mean that it can be safely transported, and putting too much strain on a trailer and truck can cause difficulty in handling, damage to the truck and trailer and more.

2. Check Into Local Laws

You'll want to check into all of the local laws in all of the areas that you will be transporting your load through. Each locale has its own set of laws in regards to oversized loads, and you do not want for you or your driver to be cited for breaking these laws. For example, some areas require more pilot cars than others. Some require for you to ask permission to have the road temporarily closed off so that you can bring your load through without putting other drivers at risk. Not only can being cited for breaking these laws be expensive, but it can also affect how quickly you are able to get your load to its destination.

3. Find a Pilot Car

Many areas require you to have at least one pilot car -- if not more -- to drive ahead of your truck and trailer. This is done to notify traffic that there is an oversized load approaching. Not just anyone can do this job -- you'll need to find someone who is certified to do so. Luckily, if you use a trucking service, this service should be included. There are also companies out there that contract out pilot cars for individual jobs.

Following these necessary steps is critical any time that you haul an oversized load. If you want to avoid all of the hassle of handling these things yourself, it can be a good idea to hire a trucking company like W G Davis & Sons Trucking Ltd that specializes in hauling oversized loads to help you.