4 Reasons A Charter Bus Is Ideal For A School Field Trip

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If you're planning a field trip for your class, you may be struggling with transportation. It's often difficult to get enough parents to volunteer to drive, especially if the distance is so far that the trip will take all day. There's the option of renting a school bus, but a charter bus is almost always a better choice. Here's why a charter bus is an ideal form of transportation for a class field trip:

Seating Is Comfortable For Kids And Adults

Charter buses are much more comfortable than a school bus or car, which is important for a long drive with kids. The seats usually offer back and head support and they are cushioned to make sitting for a long time easier to endure. Charter buses are usually climate controlled as well. This keeps everyone comfortable and eliminates the need to lower windows and put up with the noise of blowing wind.

Restrooms Are Provided

One big benefit of using a charter bus is that there is a bathroom on board. This is an extremely important feature when you're traveling with a bus full of unpredictable kids. This eliminates emergency stops that prolong your travel time.

Televisions And Entertainment Are Provided

If you need to get the kids settled and quiet after a long day of walking and exploring on a field trip, then you can put in a relaxing moving to watch on the ride home. This may help the kids unwind and keep down on rowdy behavior on the bus. Since televisions on charter buses can usually play a DVD too, you can even show educational material when the road trip begins so the class doesn't miss out on lessons, or in order to prepare the kids for the field trip.

Charter Buses Are Designed For Sightseeing

If your class has to endure a long ride to and from your destination, then a charter bus makes the ride as scenic as possible with the wide and low windows that make it easy to see outside the bus. With windows designed for sightseeing, the trip to and from the field trip destination can be an enjoyable experience that's both fun and educational as you point out historic or important landmarks along the way.

Although a charter bus is the most expensive option, as long as you plan well enough in advance, your class can hold various fund-raising drives to come up with the money for the bus. Having the money in advance lets you know the type of bus to rent and the features and amenities your kids will enjoy and benefit from the most.