Planning Transportation For A Corporate? 4 Tips To Keep Everyone Moving Forward

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If you're responsible for arranging corporate transportation for employees or clients, you need to know you can count on the car service you hire. This is even more vital when the transportation is for a remote location.

So, how can you have confidence in your arrangements? Here are 4 tips for the busy admin who has to move people from Point A to Point B.

Develop a Relationship. Before you need the service, it's a good idea to cultivate a good business relationship by using their services before the big day. This will help you know the ins and outs of their service, get to know the representatives and drivers, and have plenty of direct contact with those you'll be relying on. Ask if they offer an experience event manager if you have dozens of people (or more) to transport or multiple days of travel to coordinate. 

Check Out Their Fleet.

If the meeting or trip has a lot of components and individuals involved, you may want to get to know the vehicles and different services the transport company provides. Can they meet various needs--such as group activities, equipment transportation, and unusual hours--in an efficient manner? Having different vehicle options may help you make things more efficient and even lower costs. 

Plan for Contingencies.

You can plan for the best, but when things get rolling in a remote location, just about anything can actually happen. People may not be on time, locations change, meetings run overtime, and weather takes turns for the worst. For this reason, it's vital to know what your backup plans will be and how the car service can adapt. Can you change pickup and drop-off times or locations? Can you change vehicles? Do they have backup chauffeurs ready to pick up the slack and extra vehicles that can be tapped in an emergency? 

​Keep It Simple.

Arranging for corporate travel is rarely simple for the executive assistant, but it should be simple for the people on the ground. The fewer different drivers and cars people have to meet, the more at ease they will feel. Arrange for things like door-to-door service, minimal transportation changes during their travel, and a single meeting destination to help keep everyone focused on the important parts.

By knowing how to make your corporate transportation arrangements easier for everyone, you can accomplish your task with matter whether the meeting is between two people or two hundred. For more information, contact companies like Khider.