Creating A Celeb-Worthy Limo Experience: Four Ideas To Consider

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Whether you are booking a limo for a corporate event or for a fun night out, you can make the most out of your limo experience with a few extra touches. Work with your corporate limo service and use these ideas to create an evening that's worthy of celeb status.

Red Carpet Roll-Out

Ask if your driver is willing to roll out a red carpet when you arrive at your final destination. The carpet can simply extend from the car door to the main sidewalk, or you may be able to work with the business you will be visiting to have the carpet extend to the doorway. The feeling of walking the red carpet creates a celebrity experience as you exit the vehicle, and it will have onlookers wondering what you are famous for.

Hire Photographers

If you'll be walking the red carpet, why not make the experience complete by hiring a few photographers to snap pictures as you exit the vehicle? This gives you a way to capture the fun of your evening on film while giving you and your colleagues a taste of what it's like to be adored by paparazzi. Take some time to pose for pictures, and ask for a few action shots as well. When you get the images back, you can create social media posts to advertise the great adventures your business hosts for corporate clients.

Champagne Toast

Celebrate a merger, business deal, or other corporate win with a champagne toast in the back seat of the limousine. Some limo companies equip their vehicles with wine coolers, barware, and other essentials you'll need for the toast. In some cases, the company may even provide the champagne for an extra charge. Consider pairing the champagne with chocolate-covered strawberries or a cheese tray for an upscale snack you can enjoy on your way to a business dinner or black tie event.

Driver For A Night

If you are considering renting a limousine for a visiting client, consider arranging for him or her to have a personal driver for an evening of fun on the town. Partner with the limo company to arrange a driver for the evening, and work together to come up with a list of suggestions for local restaurants, clubs, and attractions your client might enjoy while in town. Be sure to tip your limo driver well for helping you to create a celeb-worthy limo experience, and use these ideas to make your next corporate event or client meeting a glamorous success.

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