Transportation 101 - The College Students Guide To Getting Around

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You are headed off to college soon and there are at least a hundred things going through your mind right now. It's important to get things figured out before you leave, as it will make your transition much less stressful. Hopefully in all of your thinking you have considered your transportation needs. Not everyone has the benefit of having a car at college and that leaves you with the need to figure out how you will get where you need to be. Thankfully there are a lot of options available to you, and one of those options is airport transportation from a place like Cardinal Transportation Ltd.

Airport transportation services offer their clients many options for getting where they need to be after a flight. Some of those options cater to college students. Whether you are trying to get yourself and all of your stuff to campus, headed out for a spring break trip, or awaiting a visit from mom and dad, airport transportation services can help you out.

Getting to Campus

If you are one of thousands of students that fly to another state or another country to go to school, you are going to have to get from the airport to campus. Most college students are on a budget, and for many it's a pretty tight one. There are a couple of transportation services that can get you to your school in a price range that you'll find palatable.

The best budget friendly option is a shared ride shuttle. With this service you share the ride with a van full of other travelers that are headed in your direction. At the beginning and end of school semesters you will be among a host of other students who will need a ride and can share the cost. If you are traveling with friends, another option is to reserve a private vehicle and share the cost among you.

Heading Out with Friends

Trips with college friends create some of the best memories you will take away from your time at school. Whether you're headed out for spring break or a quick weekend jaunt, airport transportation can help make the trip easy and memorable. Many transportation companies offer shuttles to popular theme parks and attractions, making it easy for you to get out and play. No one wants to waste vacation time waiting for their ride. When you make your flight reservations, reserve your ground transportation as well and you can head straight to your destination without any delays. 

Visiting with Family

Maybe the folks will be coming in for the Homecoming festivities or to see you during Parents' Week. Since they will be staying on and around campus, using airport transportation is a perfect option for them as well. A ride share shuttle is a good budget option. Or, not being on a strict college student budget, they may choose a private car. A trained driver will handle their baggage and chauffeur them to your door.

Saving Some Money

Most college students have a limited budget and a lot of expenses. In their fight for your business, many airport transport companies, as well as other travel companies offer discounts to students. Take advantage of this by doing research ahead of time and choosing a company that has this benefit.

Planning Ahead

Travel can be stressful. You can reduce that stress by planning it carefully ahead of time. Most transportation companies offer online reservations. By making your reservations early, you can avoid the inevitable rush at the beginning and end of the school year and the wait at the airport while you try to find a ride. You can also take the time to find the best option for your situation.

Make the best choice with airport transportation services, then sit back and enjoy the ride.