How To Get Your Commercial Boat Ready For Transport

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If you have a commercial boat that you need to move from one location to another, one of the most effective ways of achieving that goal is by hiring a professional company to transport your boat. Boat hauling companies will not take your boat out of the water or put it back in the water; that is the job of the marina where you dock your boat. They will pick up your boat and safely transport it to the new marine for you though. 

Get Your Boat Out of the Water

It is your job to get your boat out of the water. If your boat is docked at a marina, they should be able to easily help you get your boat out of the water. They will have services you can use to both remove your boat from the water, and even clean your boat up for the transportation process. 

Secure Any Loose Gear

You should not have any loose gear on your boat. Put away all loose gear on your boat. You don't have to take it off your boat, but you should put it inside of storage areas on your boat. Your equipment could get damaged as it rattles around during the transportation process, and securing it will help ensure that your equipment makes it in the best shape possible to its destination. 

Seal the Hatches

Next, you are going to want to make sure that all the hatches on your boat. You don't want water to get into your boat from the rain, or for a hatch to flap open in the wind while it is being transported. The best way to prevent this is by making sure that all hatches are securely closed before your boat is picked up. 

Get Rid of Mechanical Fluids

Next, it is usually a good idea, and sometimes a requirement by the shipping companies, to get rid of all mechanical fluids and water. That means you will need to drain the fuel and oil from the engine, and drain all the water from the pumps, air conditioning, and water systems. They don't want fluid to randomly leak out when they are transporting your boat; you can help with this by getting rid of all mechanical fluids and water before your boat is picked up.  

If you have a commercial boat you need to move from one marina to another, hire a professional boat transportation company to handle the move for you. Have the marina get the boat out of the water and clean it up. Secure all loose gear and make sure all the hatches are properly closed. Get rid of any fluids that could leak out, and then have the professional boat company pick up and transport the boat for you.