Charter Bus Services: Sports Team Travel Hacks

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Mobilizing a sports team can be a tougher task than actually coaching them to play. If you're looking to utilize a charter bus service for your next big sports trip, you can make some simple adjustments to save your squad both time and money.

Spreadsheets and Spreads

With the advent of smartphones, you can quickly organize information in ways that you couldn't before. When your team is on a charter bus, it can be a nightmare to get your team fed in a cost-effective and/or timely fashion.

Shareable Spreadsheet 

Apps like Google Sheets or mobile versions of Microsoft Excel allow you to gather customized information from your squad on the fly. You can link a restaurant's menu to the slide, have your team make their selections, and then share them with the restaurant you have in mind. This idea works for both dining in and carrying out, as the restaurant can prepare your food the moment your squad walks arrives. Furthermore, some restaurants will offer discounted rates for a paired-down selection of their menu items for traveling sports teams. Some of the best charter bus services have relationships with both national and local restaurant chains, which you can leverage to save some cash.

Creative Spreads 

Sometimes the fastest way to feed your team is to get creative about where you set up your meal. Finding local parks near your breakfast, lunch, or dinner stops can give you access to bathrooms and pavilions to eat at for free. You can also have your driver drop your team off to eat while they fuel up the bus and take a breather. These stops can also be a way for your teams to enjoy some sites along your trip. Parents, friends, and fans can meet you at these locations to catch up and make the trip more of a shared experience for everyone involved with your team.

Sizing Options

Not all charter bus sizes are created equally. Although smaller buses are often cheaper to charter and operate, they can sometimes place limitations on the amount of gear you can bring with you. Furthermore, bigger buses are sometimes the better option for longer trips as they provide more room and comfort for your squad. This particularly true if your trip requires overnight legs between destinations. These overnight jags can sometimes save you thousands of dollars when you consider that you're not having to pay for hotel rooms for your squad.