Preparing Your Recreational Vehicle For Transport To Your New Home

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If you own a recreational vehicle and you are moving to a new area, you are likely going to need to drive other vehicles to this location to haul your belongings. This means that finding a transportation means for your largest vehicle is a must. An RV travel trailer transport service is an option to consider. If you decide to hire one of these services, use the following tips to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition while on the roadway to its new home.

Package Or Remove Breakable Items

Fragile items require proper packaging to keep them as safe as possible while in transit. Conduct an evaluation to check on the number of items within your RV that are prone to breakage, and wrap them as necessary. Place smaller items in plastic storage tubs and secure these using bungee cord or rope, so they do not shift around in your RV while it is being transported. Another option is to remove breakables and place them in other vehicles so you can tend to them while you make your way to your new home.

Take Photos Of Your RV's State

Before your recreational vehicle is hauled away from your property, take the time to capture images of its condition. This is important if damage happens to occur while your vehicle is out of your sight. Upon its arrival at your new home, compare its state with the photographs you have taken. If there is damage that did happen to your RV while it was in transit, contact your insurance agent to start the process of an investigation. The RV transport service you select may conduct their own evaluation of the condition of your vehicle before service is provided, as well.

Secure The Interior Before Transport

Most RV transporting services use heavy trucks to bring vehicles from point A to point B rather than having someone drive vehicles to their destinations. When you set up an appointment for service, be sure to inquire about the means the company you select uses for transporting larger vehicles. If the vehicle does not require a driver, make sure to secure the interior portion completely before it heads toward the roadway. Remove all food products from your vehicle to keep the possibility of a pest problem from occurring. Place loose items in boxes or bins to keep them from becoming damaged. Provide the service with a spare set of keys in case they need to get inside for emergency reasons.