Intermodal Drayage Can Keep Costs Down And Help You Respond To World Conditions When Shipping Your Freight

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When choosing how you want to ship your freight, you might seek out a company that ships by land, by air, or by sea, all depending on where you need the product to go and how quickly you need it to get there. But today, more and more transportation or freight shipping firms are diversifying their options with intermodal drayage. Intermodal simply means using more than one type of shipping to get the job done, and drayage refers to the transportation of your cargo or freight by truck or other means. It sounds like a complicated term, but it's basically just giving yourself options so you can keep prices down or respond to changes in the world or within your business as needed.

Some Freight Might Have Higher Priority Than Others

Do you ship multiple types of freight to multiple different locations across the country or world? Perhaps you want one type of freight to get overseas as fast as possible, but you have other freight that can spend weeks crossing an ocean or sea with no issue. An intermodal freight company that allows you to choose how you want your freight to be delivered can provide you with options based on your specific needs.

An Intermodal Freight Firm Can Ship Your Freight in Whatever Will Give You the Best Balance of Speed Compared to Cost

When you work with an intermodal freight firm, you don't have to specify which type of shipping you want if it's not a top priority. Every new pallet or shipment that comes in will be routed in whatever way the freight shipping firm feels will be most efficient or provide the best balance of speed with the cost to the customer. You could have a product that eventually gets to its destination after flying through the air, sitting on a boat that travels across a body of water, and then finally traveling the final distance in the back of a truck. Using a company with access to multiple forms of transportation will help keep your shipping as cost-efficient as possible if that is of concern to you.

Changes in the Economy May Make a Certain Type of Shipping More Appealing

You never know when the price of gasoline might go up due to events in the world that are completely out of your control. If you ship exclusively through a company that uses trucking or planes to get the job done, you might find that your shipping costs will go up with the price of gas. But if you work with an intermodal drayage shipping firm, you might have the option to ship via boat, which may not cost as much.