Three Traits Of A Haul Dump Truck

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A dump truck is a vitally important piece of equipment on many job sites, allowing work crews to move large volumes of stone, dirt, and a long list of other materials. There are lots of different dump truck models on the market, so it's important to be aware of each of these types. One dump truck that you'll come across is called a haul dump truck. It's a unique piece of equipment that has a number of traits that make it different from the other trucks you might see regularly. Here are three common traits of a haul dump truck.


It's impossible to overlook a haul dump truck when you're in the vicinity of this machine because of its sheer height. Haul dump trucks are among the tallest vehicles that you'll ever see, and while their height can vary between models, they absolutely tower over other vehicles. Haul dump trucks are so high off the ground that the operator needs to climb a tall ladder or flight of stairs to reach the cabin. Commonly, the tire of one of these dump trucks is significantly taller than the height of a person.

Bin Size

Haul dump trucks aren't just known for their tall height. They also have an enormous bin that allows you to carry a huge volume of material. The bin is so large that it could theoretically fit several entirely conventional dump trucks without a problem. For jobs in which it's necessary to move a significant volume of materials, haul dump trucks can often be the best choice. Just one of these trucks can move a comparable volume of materials to several smaller dump trucks.

Not Designed For Roads

While you'll see various conventional dump trucks on the streets and highways around many communities, haul dump trucks aren't licensed to drive on regular roads. This is because they are simply too large. Not only are they so tall that they wouldn't be able to fit under overhead signs and bridges, but they're also wider than a standard traffic lane. Haul dump trucks are designed for use in work areas that don't require them to drive on regular roads. For example, they might move material from one site to another without having to share the road with standard pedestrian vehicles.

If you need a large dump truck for a big job, there's a good chance that a haul dump truck might be the perfect fit. Look online to learn more about these unique dump trucks.